Meet Bindi Merinda, a beautiful, new Australian Aborigine GlamourOZ doll from Oz

For toy designers, it is easier than ever to see how doll collectors are using your creations.  Social media and digital photography by collectors  can be a boon to  designers.   Often the decision to purchase a new doll  l can be prompted by a photo that shows the potential of a restyled doll.

dark skinned doll dreses in glamourous gold clothes
Meet Bindi Merinda

In the Facebook Group. Black Dolls Rule, Bindi Merinda was showcased by the artist Son of Ellis. The doll’s persona is as a long-legged supermodel and Son of Ellis used luxury brands and a richly textured gold colour scheme to show off his doll.

Designer Jozef Szekeres says “I am loving seeing collectors have redressing fun with their new GlamourOZ Dolls. That’s what I really wanted to see… that they inspire play and engagement. “

Doll in designer clothes in a luxury apartment setting
Bindi Merinda styled by Son of Ellis

Bindi Merinda is one of 10 Australian 18 inch editions by Jozef Szekeres. The doll is sold in quirky sixties mod fashions from Australia via the GlamourOZ website . She fits clothes and shoes for 16 inch dolls.

Sulty dark-skinned doll ina. curly blonde wig

I asked Jozef if the description AA (African American) was correct for his dolls and he replied ” I’ve always thought that for an Australian doll, AA could also mean Australian Aborigine. I actually took inspiration from my country’s own beautiful indigenous black catwalk models in creating Bindi Merinda.”

I will add Bindi Merinda to my blog on Where to Buy Beautiful Black Dolls Online and I will have more to say about Jozef Szekeres and his doll-making journey in a future blog. Great to meet you, Bindi Merinda.