A beautiful rare doll – Puma Barbie

Well- i am looking for my own Christmas present right now and here is a doll who I would love to add to my collection. 

African American Barbie dressed in Puma branded
She’s a 90s girl

She may have gone out of my price range but let’s have a look at Puma Barbie anyway.  I will add her to my blog about Where to Buy Beautiful black dolls online.  She is a Black Label Barbiedoll with the hugely popular Made to Move body.  Look at how she poses with her hands on hips!

The designer is Carlyle Nuera who did many of the BMR1959 dolls.  The facial sculpt is Selma. and the hair is streaked pink and in two big braids.  

The shoes are black and pink suede Pumas that will delight anyone who enjoys miniaturisation.  Is that a word?

Pink and black Puma sneakers on Barbie

I am linking to her page on the Barbie website so you can learn all you need to know about her and about the other urban, afrocentric dolls by Carlyle Nuera.  I have to stop and smile here.  Do people still think Barbie is blonde and blue eyed.  Mattel mixes plastic in many shades!

Puma Barbie with hands on hips shows off her Puma ensemble
Owning the look

The affiliate link is below.  I might pick this doll up un ebay but if Jeff Bezos (he owns Amazon) said I could have anything I wanted from Amazon, I’d click on the link!

Gabriella’s black dolls on the Late Late Toy Show

Gabriella came out swinging  to the Late Late Toy Show stage.  She approached Ryan Tubridy on her pogo stick, played with her dolls and styling head and then tried to teach the host some dance moves.  In between the pogo stick and dane moves she made a little piece of history.

For the first time ever the late Late Toy how had an entire section devoted to black hair.  With wigged dolls and styling heads surrounded by black Barbies the table of toys reflected black Irish girls.   Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Jean King were the collector dolls and a scatter of Fashionistas covered the table.

Black girl surrounded by black dolls
what I really like…

Gabriella showed off her “I’m a Girly” doll explaining how she had dressed the doll with boots borrowed from another doll and a skirt made by her nanny.  I will add the brand to my ongoing blog about Where to Buy Beautiful black dolls online.


Kayla was the doll that Gabriella described as being like her.  She said “What I really like most about her is that she has a skirt like me and she has hair like me.” Boom!

The Late Late Toy Show is an Irish institution.  For one night in the year the chat shows takes a break from the issues of the day to showcase toys in the run up to Christmas.  The show is watched globally and her moment is history did not go unnoticed.

Hairdorables dolls are Big Hair, Don’t Care Besties

fashion doll in a box that turns into a fashion runway
Kali comes in many sizes!

In the run up to Christmas I am doing micro blogs about delightful  black dolls.  I have a long blog about Where to buy beautiful black dolls online and I am trying to keep up with all the new dolls coming out for the Christmas or Holidays season.

Today I am adding, here comes the title, Hairdorables Hairmazing Kali Fashion Doll.  These girls have as their slogan “Big Hair,  Don’t Care”.  I will link to the book by the same name by the amazing writer Crystal Swain Bates .   They are close in size to Barbie.  This review by Lulu’s Toy Revue is useful.

The dolls are a set of six tween besties and are hitting what I see as, all the doll trends – they are very poseable, they have surprise accessories, they are a multiracial girl gang and they take hair very seriously.  Their slogan is a respectful nod to afro hair and all its possibilities.

My affiliate link is below.