I’m delighted that I was invited to the Atlanta African American BookFest

Mr Ferai Caldwell – founder of the AAABookFest – was looking to increase the numbers attending the AAABookfest.  He seeks to promote African American writing.  I am not American of African (Irish in London) but I have written a book that has appeal for the audience.   

This year I took part as a book donor to the Atlanta Children’s Book Drive with my book A Fairy in the Family.   I think the books have gone to Fulton County Library.

I was invited to add my book to the Freedom Bookstore.  That was very exciting – I would have been in some very good company – however my book needs reformatting so next year it will be.  Diversity will be a theme in the 2020 AAABookFest and I hope my London Irish book finds a kindly audience.

An Instagram post by the AAABookFeest naming Avril O'Reilly as a Book Donor
Bekki the fairy has been donated to many interesting places.