Bekki the Fairy Colouring Pages for you to Download

When she is not doing her naughty spells Bekki has a very pretty costume.  Will you please colour in Bekki and Fluffypuff?  

Six colouring pages on a desk with colouring pencils

You can download your printable colouring page of Bekki the Fairy with FLUFFYPUFF

You can download your  printable colouring page of Bekki  the Fairy FLYING


Ruby the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitter

Pretty girl with long braids
You can do Ruby’s braids any colour under the sun!

Download Ruby and her braids colouring page here

This is Kany Kazadi,  the Afro-Irish woman who wore green and red braids to support the Mayo team.  Add your team colours to Ruby’s braids.

Congolese Irish woman with braids in the Mayo colours
Kany Kazadi is an AfroIrish woman who supports Mayo with her braids!



 Download your hair and baby-sitter Colouring Pages here

Black teens dressed as African princesses
The African Princess Fancy Dress Party



Download Mikita Inter-galactic Princess Colouring Pages here

Drawing of girl in Star Trek style dress and hairstyle
Geeky Mikita wants to WIN as a futuristic inter=galactic African princess