Beautiful black wedding Barbie dolls – let’s play brides!

After a tough 2020 I’ve decided to think about happy things like weddings and Barbies. It has been a very good year for diverse dolls and I want to hunt down the nicest brides and dresses – and maybe even a groom. I’ll start this blog and add more.

Black bridal Barbie bride with full skiry
Are we saying yes to the dress?

I have a blog I am frequently adding to all about Where to Buy Beautiful black dolls online and it is about time I added some romance.

Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll – the ponytail – Ariana Grande meets Barbie

I am starting with this delightful doll – she is Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll. Just look at all the references to the original Barbie 1950s. The ponytail is there- in glossy black plus the side glancing eyes and red lips.

I sure do

The above photos show how well this dolls works the retro look. I hope that collectors of black dolls will appreciate this elegant reworking of the original 1950s dolls. The dress marks a diamond anniversary and is a twinkly, sparkly full skirted, sleeveless gown. I can see fans and children enjoying this keepsake toy.

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