Beautiful Naturalista styling head for curly, coily 4c hair

Barbie has a new gang of friends in the Naturalista dolls.

The Naturalistas dolls have been gaining popularity with their sweet face designs and long curly, coily hair. Now, there is a styling head for 4c hair. This is another delightful doll doing her bit for representation for black children and children of African descent.

Head on over to Amazon in the USA to see the beautiful Naturalista toys created by Purpose Toys – the Naturalistas are a modern classic doll and the Latinistas, their Latina friends, are sure to be popular with children and collectors too.

Wisely, they designed these toys to fit Barbie clothes and to be part of that world. We know that Barbie does a lot of work to make dolls that represent different types of people. The Naturalists continue to show small kids that curly hair and black and brown skin are beautiful and are doing a deep dive into the world of black hair with the new styling head toy.

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