Science, baby-sitters , magic and black hair

What happens when all the baby-sitters say no – except one?

Cover of the e-Book A Fairy in the Family again with the sub-title of baby-sitters, science, magic and black hair
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My book is about the amazing things girls can do even if they cannot do magic. I have written many books and this one turned out much better than planned.  It started out as a book about Bekki the Fairy,  a little black girl who is the only fairy in a family of normal people.  It turned into a book about science and STEM and the power of girls, friends and family.

In this book Mum and Dad want to go on a romantic date and they need a baby-sitter.  Bekki is lucky to have so many cool science-loving girls to take care of her.  Or is she?

Four Baby-Sitters are all saying "No!" to Mum
The Baby Sitters are all saying “No!”.

“Not after last time!” they all say.  None of the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters will come. Even Bekki’s brother Sam is saying “No!”.  Well, if Bekki had done one of her  naughty magic spells on you you might say “No!” too.

In the end the only baby-sitter who will take care of Bekki the Fairy is the dreaded Geeky Mikita.  She will come along but only if she can bring her physics homework.

Scowling schoolgirl in yellow glasses with Albert Einstein hair-do
Geeky Mikita, the most no-funnest baby-sitter in the world, ever

She shows up but is too busy to be any fun.  All the babysitters are trying to win the school science competition.  Bekki the Fairy might be in for a very boring night.  Or maybe she can use her magic to spice things up.

A magic spell shrinks a fairy and schoolgirl.
Bekki the Fairy does a magic spell to shrink Geeky Mikita – a billion times smaller than small.

Girls need role models who do STEM

The STEM Lovin’ baby-sitters are all role models for girls who like science.  And as a special feature this book has a  real life scientist who creates hair products for black hair.  Read about Mumbi and Naturaz here.



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