A Fairy in the Family – Bekki is a black fairy princess –

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Here is my book about a black fairy princess who has somehow ended up, not in fairyland, but living with a total normal family. She is an urban fairy inspired by my neighbours in South London. I wanted to create a book with a black girl on the cover for girls to identify with.

And my wish came true – The book has traveled the world and kids in London, ireland, America, Jamaica, South Africa, France. Grown ups call the book “a mirror”- girls says “she looks like me” My next dream is that an agent will help me get it out here in different languages – it is in Irish.

Bekki the Fairy is a mischievious , magical fairy princess ,

a black fairy princess has done a magic spell on her cat
New updated cover shows Bekki and Fluffypuff

A reader from Multicltural Children’s Book Day called Bekki

“the cutest fairy I’ve ever seen”

This book is in English and Irish and also as an interactive bilingual book on Amazon.

A posh school, schoolgirls in the backdround and a fairy looking shocked.
Afrovisibility on the front cover


A new bilingual book

fairy girl in front of a posh school and crowd of students
Tap on the Irish to get the translation


Check out the latest book – a colouring book with STEM and natural hair

It’s the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters

African wax print pattern with cartoon of three schoolgirls
Get your crayons out

Meet Bekki the Fairy and her STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters

Little girls will love hanging out with the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters. Jada-Kai, Keysha and Ruby are extremely good with little kids and can show them all the things that big girls like to do. Girls will get to colour in pages with science, geckos, hairstyles, braids, unicorns, natural hair and even an African Princess Fancy Dress Party

What people are saying about A Fairy in the Family Again-The School Science Competition:

A posh school, schoolgirls in the backdround and a fairy looking shocked.
Afrovisibility on the front cover

What happens when all the baby-sitters say no – except one?  This book is a fun story for little girls who like fairies, magic, baby-sitters and black hair.

“I like the way science facts are peppered through the story without it being too preachy or “educational” in tone. This is a great example of informational fiction, where kids can learn about various concepts such as what particles are.”

See the full review from MCBD 2020 here.

Bekki is simply the cutest fairy I have ever seen!

See another very kind review from @booksbyani for MCBD here

“Bekki strikes again in this delightful follow up to A Fairy in the Family. “

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“Humorous and lavishly illustrated”

“A super cute photo style picture book for young ones.”

“The book is full of amazing pictures”