Black male doll -Malik- is one of Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things 2020

Dollpreneur Dr Lisa posted a joyous film on Instagram saying how she had gotten a huge surprise.

black maled doll with long braids and casual clothes
a software developer – nice

Oprah Winfrey has added The Fresh Dolls to her list of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020

A gang of male and female dolls appear in the category of gifts For the Family. When I clicked the link it brought me to the Instagram superstar Malik. Dr Lisa’s female dolls are in the Barbie mode but her black, male dolls are exceptional; sexy, handsome men who have inspired many an insta love story.  Malik has played the parts of buddy hubby and boyfriend in many a photo story.

articulated black male doll in a box
Malek caught Oprah’s eye

For me Malik will always be the man who tried to chat up Chantelle on a storyline by @msgal1965 – but Chantelle stayed loyal to her boyfriend, also a Fresh Squad gent.

I already had Malik’s pic on my blog about where to buy beautiful black dolls .  Tomorrow I will add Dr Lisa’s story to that blog.