Meet the Team

Our stylist, Tolani Lambo

Tolani has been an important member of the team since the very beginning.   We ended up working with many different people over the years but Tolani and I got the project started and kept it moving along.

A boy in a hot dog costume is helped by two women
Stylist Tolani Lambo helps Sam Billy Williams into his hot-dog costume. Author Avril O’Reilly is on the right.

Tolani has a starring role in A Fairy in the Family Again.  She played the part of the super-encouraging science teacher. Miss Treacle.  She chose the name as a homage to Miss Honey, the kind teacher in Matilda.

Little black girl dressed as a fairy looking shocke d
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A friend of ours gave us the fab vintage dress.

Model standing on set smiling and applauding
Miss Treacle on a photo shoot looking proud of her students

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