Rose is the sweetest of all the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters.  She loves baking, roses,  her granny and her dog Curly.  She likes vintage fabrics and being lovely.

Pretty girl with sweet smile and rose hair clips.
Rose is the sweetest baby-sitter. She loves roses, her granny and doing scientific research.

She is a STEM girl and is committed to making major scientific advances in anti ageing cosmeceuticals.  She wants to win the School Science Competition. She and her granny have been busy working on the Winkle Reducing Cosmetic Cupcake.

Girl in a science coat does experiments on her granny's wrinkles
Rose and her granny are trying out the Wrinkle Reducing Cosmetic Cupcake. Curly is eating any crumbs that fall.

I should point out that there is a darker, thornier side to Rose’s character.

Angry girl in rose patterned apron waving a wooden spoon
Rose turns rather violent when she is asked to baby-sit for Bekki the Fairy. She is waving her wooden spoon like a weapon.

In Ireland we would say “She’s like  a briar.”  Her dark side comes out when she is asked to baby-sit for Bekki the Fairy.  She won’t say why but there may have been a magic spell.  And a pig.

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