Meet the Characters

Scroll on down and meet Bekki’s family and friends and pets 

A family portrait with mum, dad, brother, dog and cat.
This is Bekki the Fairy’s family with Humphrey the dog and Fluffypuff the cat.

Bekki the Fairy

Bekki the Fairy looking shocked
Bekki the Fairy looking shocked


Sam in school uniform with apple for teacher
Sam, the sweet and lovely brother of Bekki the Fairy.
He won’t babysit any more after she turned him into a hot-dog.

The Baby-Sitters

Geeky Mikita

STEM girl genius.  STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitter. Physics prodigy.  Grim baby-sitter.  Has built her own particle accelerator out of Eezee Sneeze boxes.

Scowling schoolgirl in yellow glasses with Albert Einstein hair-do
Geeky Mikita, the most no-funnest baby-sitter in the world, ever

She wears her hair in a natural loose style  a bit like her hero Albert Einstein.

Geeky girl smiling with the slogan Get Your Geek On
Geeky Mikita marking Geek Pride Day


Chanelle loves geckoes.  The youngest STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitter. She is a serious contender in the School Science Competition.  She’s a bit young to baby-sit on her own but she comes along to Bekki’s house  with her big sister Ruby.  But not any more…….

Smiling schoolgirl with a gecko hair ornament
Chanelle loves geckoes

Chanelle’s favourite Gecko Instagram feed is here.


Ruby is Chanelle’s big sister. She is the most chill of all the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters except when she is being asked to look after Bekki the Fairy.  Not after last time!” she says.

moving pic of girl with ukulele going from happy to despair
Ruby loses her cool when she is asked to baby-sit Bekki the Fairy

She is a STEM girl – but music is her thing.  She looks so cool with her braids down



Keysha has her own STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitter  project.  She is interested in thixotropic thickeners in pigmented nitrocellulose – that’s nail varnish.

Smiling girl in pyjamas painting her nails.
Keysha is busy investigating the adhesive polymers that make her nails look cute.

Studious STEM girls can learn more about the chemistry behind Keysha’s nails  here and all about the science of gels here.


Jada-Kai loves horses.  As well as being a HorseCrazyGirl she has  STEM girl superpowers.  She is the smiliest STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitter.  She has been studying this website for horsey science ideas for the School Science Competition.

Smiling young teen in a pink pony t-shirt
Jada Kai wants Bekki the Fairy to show her a unicorn

Like all the other baby-sitters she has been helping Geeky Mikita to collect those Eezy Sneezy boxes.


Rose is the sweetest of all the STEM Lovin’ Baby-Sitters.  She loves baking, roses,  her granny and her dog Curly.  She likes vintage fabrics and being lovely.

Pretty girl with sweet smile and rose hair clips.
Rose is the sweetest baby-sitter. She loves roses, her granny and doing scientific research.

She is a STEM girl and is committed to making major scientific advances in anti ageing cosmeceuticals.  She wants to win the School Science Competition. She and her granny have been busy working on the Winkle Reducing Cosmetic Cupcake.

Girl in a science coat does experiments on her granny's wrinkles
Rose and her granny are trying out the Wrinkle Reducing Cosmetic Cupcake. Curly is eating any crumbs that fall.

I should point out that there is a darker, thornier side to Rose’s character.

Angry girl in rose patterned apron waving a wooden spoon
Rose turns rather violent when she is asked to baby-sit for Bekki the Fairy. She is waving her wooden spoon like a weapon.

In Ireland we would say “She’s like  a briar.”  Her dark side comes out when she is asked to baby-sit for Bekki the Fairy.  She won’t say why but there may have been a magic spell.  And a pig.


Mum has a fondness for Vlisco wax print dresses.  She gets them handmade by a Jamaican fabric expert in London. She imagines that all the baby-sitters adore Bekki the Fairy.  Why wouldn’t they?  She is in for a shock.

Flirty woman all dressed up for a romantic date
Mum is getting ready to go on a romantic date with Dad.


Dad has been a target of Bekki the Fairy’s naughty spells.  in the book A Fairy in the Family she livens up his work attire.  Oh, Bekki!

A man in a business suit whose shoes have turned into clown boots.
How can Dad go to work like this?!

Miss Treacle

Miss Treacle teaches STEM subjects to girls.  She is a STEM role model.

Smiling teacher opens an envelope with a winner's name
Miss Treacle knows the winner of the School Science Competition

In real life Miss Treacle was the stylist on the Fairy in the Family books.  Read more here.

The Head Fairy

The Head Fairy is beautiful and kind and helps out the little fairies when they have fairy problems.  The photographer’s daughter strung the beads for her jewellery.  The make-up artist, Ingrid from Spain, works for the Royal Ballet now!

Young woman in costume with a magic wand
The Head fairy is very beautiful