Bekki Green’s Family

Family portrait

A family portrait with mum, dad, brother, dog and cat.
This is Bekki the Fairy’s family with Humphrey the dog and Fluffypuff the cat.


Sam is Bekki’s sweet and studious brother.  He won’t baby-sit anymore after Bekki turned him into a hotdog in A Fairy in the Family.


Mum has a fondness for Vlisco wax print dresses.  She gets them handmade by a Jamaican fabric expert in London. She imagines that all the baby-sitters adore Bekki the Fairy.  Why wouldn’t they?  She is in for a shock.

Flirty woman all dressed up for a romantic date
Mum is getting ready to go on a romantic date with Dad.


Dad has been a target of Bekki the Fairy’s naughty spells.  in the book A Fairy in the Family she livens up his work attire.  Oh, Bekki!

A man in a business suit whose shoes have turned into clown boots.
How can Dad go to work like this?!

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